The Fun Starts at Pine Haven

Offering Vacation Homes Since 2013

The Fun Starts at Pine Haven

Offering Vacation Homes Since 2013

Relax and Commune With Nature

Pine Haven offers beautiful vacation cabins near the lake, in the forest, or at our farm. Our cabins and homes are the perfect place to have a secluded and private vacation with your family and friends.

At Pine Haven, we have lovely cabins for rent or come and enjoy the Barndominium at Pine Haven Farms, or really get away to the cottage at Heaven on a River. All of our locations can accommodate both small and big groups. We love having people over and making new memories with them.

Enjoy a Farm Tour!

You can also book a stay at our farm cottage or tour around the area as part of your reservation. You can help take care of the farm animals and you can taste our delicious farm products, which you can take home with you!

Heaven on a River Wonders

Get away to wild, wonderful, West Virginia, for a water getaway of a life time.

Enjoy the Buckhannon River and endless back country roads.

What Makes Our Homes Special?

Our log cabins are waterfront and all on one property at Smith Mountain Lake. You can stay at one cabin or reserve the entire property.

At Pine Haven Farms, your family can live in an authentic farm experience or just enjoy a relaxing stay.

Finally, Haven on a River is in an area of West Virginia untouched by all the busyness of modern suburbea.

Our Story

We started in 2013, by donating our cottage on a river for multiple charity events.

The guests loved their stay at our cottage so much, that they came back the following years asking to rent it.

This led to our discovery of vacation rentals. Since then, we have invested in more properties, growing into selling farm products.

Let Us Accommodate You for Your Next Vacation

If you want to enjoy a life changing stay at one of our homes or want to know more about our accommodations, you may contact our team at Pine Haven. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have, or give you any advice on activities or things to do.